• # A dolphin in bronze / A dolphin out of bronze #

    Ausstellung @ ARTISTIC BOKEH

    Eröffnung: Fr 23.06., 19h
    Ort: ARTISTIC BOKEH, Electric Avenue
    Eintritt frei

    Australian artists Mitchel Cumming and Kenzee Patterson present a two part exhibition '# A dolphin in bronze / A dolphin out of bronze #' that is ocurring simultaneously at Artistic Bokeh in Vienna and at KNULP in Sydney.

    "Looking back through our shared notes and conversations. If I were to try and sum it up I would say the show (or at least our thinking surrounding it) is about the strange fluctuations of language between its material and immaterial states. To go a bit deeper, I suppose we are both interested in how this material/immaterial dichotomy of language impacts its relationships to value, meaning and the body (human and otherwise). Is this the kind of description Andrew is after for the show, or is he more interested in what we are proposing to present?”


    23.06. bis 23.07., täglich 10-22h
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