• TONSPUR 73: Finnbogi Pétursson (ISL): Border 2017

    8-channel sound installation in the TONSPUR_passage

    Opening: Son, Feb 26, 17:00
    Venue: TONSPUR_passage
    Admission free

    A border between different cultural worlds, mornings and nights, clouds, palms and Cubans, thoughts, lakes and lovers, brains and vacuum, elbows, fghting, refugees, U.S. and A, untold stories, countries, plants and cells, Syrians, bricks and ignorance, colours, humble rhythms, the tide, religions, barbed wire and freedom, gates, boats, hamburgers, mental health and madness, numbers, fruit, cords and diamonds, dreams, funerals, dealers and football, exhalation, equality, truth, insurance, life or death, volcanoes, humour, money, weeds, black and white, bricks, pigs, Muslims and Christians, kisses, torture, transsexuals and politicians, animals, fghts, walls, zombies, dictators and the rest of the world.

    Infra-Supra © 2016 Finnbogi Pétursson & Berg Contemporary, Reykjavík

    Feb 27 to May 27, daily 10-20:00
  • Pauline Oliveros: Sonic Meditations

    as part of the Phonofemme Festival 2017

    Sat, Oct 21, 20:00
  • downtownQ21

    Curated Media for #Q21vienna

    ongoing, daily 10-22:00
  • TONSPUR 75_lost: ROBERT ADRIAN (1935-2015). Roberto Paci Dalò (ITA): LONG NIGHT TALKS. FOR ROBERT ADRIAN

    8-channel sound installation and 7-part poster series in the TONSPUR_passage

    Jul 31 to Dec 2, daily 10-20:00
  • Markus C. Ender (AUT): ZEIT

    Exhibition at Combinat

    Sep 02 to Nov 02, Tue-Sat 12-19:00