• #Streetartpassage - Open Archive

    Exhibition at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

    Opening: Thu, Feb 09, 19:00
    Venue: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Admission free

    The intention of the exhibition #Streetartpassage - Open Archive at Freiraum (MQ - MuseumsQuartier) is to revisit all work international artists have created during their residences for #Streetartpassage in Vienna.

    Since September 2008, more than 30 world renowned street artists - such as Anthony Lister (AU), Invader (FR) and the local graffiti legend Busk (AT) - to name a few - have exhibited at the micro museum in public space at the back entrance of the world famous art complex. Curator Vitus Weh’s concept of #Streetartpassage has been continued by different curators and taken over by Sebastian Schager in 2015.
    Each artist visit is now accompanied by a solo exhibition at Jan Arnold Gallery located in MQ as well as a specially produced original print by and other side projects. Also to be mentioned each year’s Betonblumen mini-magazine release. All previously published issues will also be on display.

    Of 30 pieces made by the artists for #Streetartpassage about dozen remained stored in proper conditions and will be displayed along side with new artwork produced during the Exhibition at Freiraum. What this exhibition proposes is to allow the public to revisit works as well as to see the process of new work being produced.

    We invited four local streetartists to work inside the exhibition room and give a chance to experience the process first hand. Each new Street Art pieces will be shown in public space rotationally during 2017 (elevator shaft at Breite Gasse) and accompanied by a collectable print product. Also stay tuned for the #Streetartpassage residences of Axel Void (US) in June and Lush Sux (AU) in July.

    Archived artists:
    Maria Legat (AT)
    Ben Frost (AU)
    Deep Ink (AT)
    OZMO (ITA)
    Mandarina (AT)
    Busk (AT)
    Tika (CH)
    Mafia (IrgaIrga) (AT)
    Mr. Penfold (GB)
    Louis Weinberger (AT)
    Fefe Talavera (BR)
    Permanent Unit (AT)
    Sebastian Schager (AT)

    Live painting:
    (during the exhibition of 3 weeks)
    - QBACK (DE)
    - BOICUT (AT)
    - FRESH MAX (AT)

    - David Scheid aka DwD

    Feb 10 to Feb 28, Tue-Sat 12:00-19:00
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