• Rosmarie Lukasser: Approximation to “… I’m on the net i2.1”

    Installation in the MQ ART BOX

    Opening: Feb 14, 19:00
    Ort: MQ ART BOX

    Since 2008, Rosmarie Lukasser has been developing a series of work entitled Annäherung an “… bin im Netz i2.1” (Approximation to “… I’m on the net i2.1”). Here, it is not the gadgets of new media nor their contents that her interest is focused on. Rather, it is the human being which she places in relation to the digital world, thereby creating an impressive psychograph of contemporary society. She addresses the immateriality of the internet using traditional methods of sculpture, pitting tactility and corporeality against the fleeting nature of the virtual. The mise-en-scènes of her exhibitions reflect an everyday reality that is all too familiar from public spaces: we are together, but each person is alone, engrossed in an electronic device. Each person executes the same gestures, but no one knows what the other is doing.

    Rosmarie Lukasser Rosmarie Lukasser was born in 1981 in Lienz, Tyrol. Her artistic career took her from an apprenticeship in sculpture in East Tyrol, then to the sculpture department at the HBLA college in Hallstatt, and finally to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna as part of Prof. Heimo Zobernig’s class. To date, she has participated in several artist-in-residence programmes abroad, e.g. in Hungary through the Galerie Krinzinger, which has been representing her work ever since. Rosmarie Lukasser was also a co-lecturer at the international summer academy for fine arts in Salzburg. In the fall of 2017, Rosmarie Lukasser received the sponsorship award for young artists from the Klocker Foundation in Tyrol. The artist lives and works in Vienna.

    Feb 14 to Apr 04, 2018, ongoing daily 00-24:00
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    Dec 01, 2017 to Mar 31, 2018, ongoing daily 00-24:00