• Michael Part

    Exhibition at EIKON Schaufenster, Electric Avenue

    Opening: Thu, Feb 26, 19:00
    Location: EIKON Schaufenster, Electric Avenue
    Admission free

    Michael Part’s work is created by becoming intensely involved in photo-chemical processes. The artist produces his monochromatic green pictures by the procedure of staining.

    In this project the stained gelatin is directly applied to the EIKON Schaufenster’s glass front, and is hereby subjected to light exposure. The malachite oxalate, which has not been commercially used now for some time due to its poor light fastness, changes constantly during the time of presentation. This creates new shades of color. The gelatin coating alters under the viewer’s very eyes.

    Photo: © Georg Petermichl

    Feb 27 thru May 15, daily 10-22:00
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