• Juliana Herrero: REM 1:1

    Book presentation at Raum D / Q21

    Venue: Raum D / Q21
    Admission free

    A printed piece of time capsules and more with invited voices and voice over
    edition mono/monochrom

    A happening with live readings
    The work will be present

    Katharina Brandl, Günther Friesinger, Alexandra Grausam, Evelyn van Hulzen, Ruth Horak, Francesco Lucifora, Lorella Scacco, Friederike Schempp, Claudio Vekstein

    Graphic Design:
    Capitale Wien / Berlin Cora Akdogan, Daniel Perraudin

    With the catalogue REM 1:1, a comprehensive collection of works by Argentine-Austrian artist Juliana Herrero, alongside reviews and up-to-date documentation, is now provided for the first time. In her pieces, Juliana Herrero contrasts visual impressions with sound spaces. With her interventions, she is probing the boundaries of provocation, concentrated perception, and the utopian. Her installations indicate a novel conceptual development in that they are, despite being static, setting free a kinetic energy in their dialogue between analog and digital technology through vibrations of sound.

    Mon, Nov 20, 18:30
  • Nerd Institute (featured by monochrom)

    Workshops im Raum D

    Mi 18.10. und Di 24.10., 18-21h
  • downtownQ21

    Curated Media for #Q21vienna

    ongoing, daily 10-22:00
  • TONSPUR 75_lost: ROBERT ADRIAN (1935-2015). Roberto Paci Dalò (ITA): LONG NIGHT TALKS. FOR ROBERT ADRIAN

    8-channel sound installation and 7-part poster series in the TONSPUR_passage

    Jul 31 to Dec 2, daily 10-20:00
  • Etna Maar (HRV): *Surreal Reality*

    Guest designer at Combinat

    Sep 01, 2017 to Jan 04, 2018, Tue-Sat 12-19:00