• ELENA COLOGNI: lived dialectics: movement and rest

    site specific performance

    Performance: 10-11:00 and 17-18:00
    stroll from MQ courtyard 7 (in front of AZW) to Burgtor/ Heldenplatz
    Admission free

    "...a pre-reflexive corporeal awareness manifested through everyday's gestures and behaviors and typically in synch with the spatial and physical environment in which the action unfolds....bodily routines as contributing to the lived dimensions of place, including attachment grounded in habitual regularity...  the simple act of walking with its movement and rest patterns...."

    Cologni spent a month as residency artist in Vienna to think and develop a body of work about issues of place attachment, where Freud initiated studies on mother-infant attachment. Our identity evolves in relation to our continuous engagement with place, and most importantly, in relation to others.  The context of the residency format functions as a metaphor for a temporary setting within a nomadic approach to life, a very current and widely shared social condition. Cologni invites others to physically test and feel.

    Curated by Walter Seidl und Gülsen Bal

    Image: Study for site responsive drawing (courtyard), Elena Cologni, 2016

    Wed Jul 27, 10-11:00 and 17-18:00
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