• Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywhere

    Exhibition at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

    Pre-Opening: Wed, Jun 4, 19:00
    Opening: Thu, Jun 5, 17:00
    Location: freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
    Free admission

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    As a central contribution to the "MQ Summer of Sounds", “Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywhere” is the first exhibition explicitly dedicated to the theme of cables in art. Works by more than forty international artists offer an insight into the wide range of contemporary approaches to what would seem to be a simple material. Often reduced to their pure functionality, artistic trends of recent years have elevated our appreciation of cables. Curated by Georg Weckwerth, this interdisciplinary show at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL opens on June 4 at 19:00 with a pre-opening; a press preview of the exhibition and the outdoor and satellite installations takes place earlier the same day at 10:00.

    Site-specific cable interventions, sound and light installations, mixed media and video installations, visual art, photographs, and contextual works offer an insight into the breadth of artistic interpretation and experientially demonstrate how cables function as “connecting” elements and conductors of light, sound, movement, data streams, and so on. Classic examples of cable-based art are juxtaposed with contemporary works in the disciplines of visual art, sound art, and media art and presented in the exhibition at freiraum as well as on Electric Avenue and in public space at the MQ. The result will create potentials for consciously extreme, synaesthetic experiences that are ultimately meant to inspire a formal aesthetic investigation of present-day art.

    Participating Artists:
    Tyler Adams (USA), Dominique Blais (FRA), Nina Canell (SWE), Jozef Cseres (SVK/CZE), Julius Deutschbauer (AUT), Adam Donovan (AUS), William Eggleston (USA), Thomas Ehgartner (AUT/GER), Róza El-Hassan (HUN/SYR), Serina Erfjord (NOR)*, VALIE EXPORT/Peter Weibel (AUT), Judith Fegerl (AUT), Klaus Ferentschik (GER)*, Thomas Feuerstein (AUT), Sabine Groschup (AUT), Shilpa Gupta (IND), Ina Hagen (NOR)*, Tim Hawkinson (USA), Philipp Hennevogl (GER), Pieter Hugo (RSA), Leopold Kessler (AUT), Günther Kieser (GER), Young-Sup Kim (KOR)*, Jürgen Klauke (GER), Daisuke Kosugi (JPN/NOR)*, Christina Kubisch (GER), Mirko Lazović (SRB/NED), Paul Albert Leitner (AUT), Via Lewandowsky (GER), Maik + Dirk Löbbert (GER), Emmanuel Madan (CAN/GER)*, Nicolas Mahler (AUT), Norbert Math (ITA/AUT), Robert Mathy (AUT), Ali Miharbi (TUR)*, Robin Minard (CAN)*, Warren Neidich (USA)*, Ursula Neugebauer (GER), Clara Oppel (GER/AUT), Ben Patterson (USA/GER), Ulla Rauter (AUT), Werner Reiterer (AUT), Marc Ries (LUX/AUT), Valentin Ruhry (AUT), Rudolf Schwarzkogler (AUT), son:DA (SLO)*, Viktors Svikis (LAT), Atsuko Tanaka (JPN), Ulrich Troyer (AUT), Timm Ulrichs (GER), Rens Veltman (AUT), Peter Weibel (AUT)

    *Artist-in-Residence des quartier21/MQ

    Picture: Tim Hawkinson: Shorts, 1993. Courtesy the Artist and Pace Gallery, New York

    Part of:
    MQ Summer of Sounds

    Jun 05 to Aug 24, Tue-Sun 13-19:00
    frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
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