• Bill Seaman (USA): An Engine of Many Senses (2013/2017)

    Exhibition at SCHAURAUM Angewandte

    Opening: Thu, Nov 30, 19:00
    Venue: SCHAURAUM Angewandte
    Admission free

    An Engine of Many Senses is a generative computational work exploring the history and potential future of the computer.
    It includes a series of media elements that combine and recombine over time -- 3d images, 2d stills, generative audio, generative
    media "landscapes", generative text and video components. The work has a series of internal rules that play out different combinatoric
    strategies as drawn from an extensive database of architectural topologies and processes. In particular the work includes a
    series of allegorical time-based images of computers as well as collaged images from the history of the computer and computational history in general.

    generative installation | captured video/audio output from real-time engine (32:9 aspect ratio for two screens)
    custom software written in C++/OpenGL, digital video/audio source material
    Bill Seaman, Principle Investigator and Artist (concept and initial design), Todd Berreth (programming and additional design).

    Dec 01, 2017 to Jan 26, 2018, daily 10-22:00
  • Nerd Institute (featured by monochrom)

    Workshops im Raum D

    Mi 18.10. und Di 24.10., 18-21h
  • downtownQ21

    Curated Media for #Q21vienna

    ongoing, daily 10-22:00
  • TONSPUR 75_lost: ROBERT ADRIAN (1935-2015). Roberto Paci Dalò (ITA): LONG NIGHT TALKS. FOR ROBERT ADRIAN

    8-channel sound installation and 7-part poster series in the TONSPUR_passage

    Jul 31 to Dec 2, daily 10-20:00
  • Etna Maar (HRV): *Surreal Reality*

    Guest designer at Combinat

    Sep 01, 2017 to Jan 04, 2018, Tue-Sat 12-19:00