Jun 23 to Sep 03, Tue to Sun 13-20:00
Press Tour: Thu, Jun 22, 09:30
Opening: Thu, Jun 22, 19:00

The exhibition project “WELT KOMPAKT?” focuses on transdisciplinary artistic practices that have come into play along with our increasingly more direct access to information, communication tools, and social media. The use of social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook alters our sense of near and far, our awareness of intimacy and distance, of bodily presence, absence, and political mobility. What influence does social media have on how so-called “glocal” (global & local) projects and ways of living are organized? How does social media affect processes around freedom of expression and freedom of choice, or the democratization of knowledge and information transfers?

Curator: Ursula Maria Probst

Elke Auer & Esther Straganz (AUT), Lucas Bambozzi* (BRA), Fabiane M. Borges* (BRA), Marie Carangi* (BRA), Libidiunga Cardoso (BRA), Simone Carneiro (AUT/BRA), Pêdra Costa (BRA), Kadija de Paula & Chico Togni* (CAN/BRA), Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro** (BRA), Miss G (a.k.a. Giorgia Conceição)** (BRA), Silvio De Camillis Borges* (BRA), Caetano Carvalho* (BRA), Maya Dikstein* (BRA/ISR), Ines Doujak (AUT), Fabiana Faleiros* (BRA), Female Obsession (GBR), Anna Jermolaewa (RUS), Jaime Lauriano (BRA)*, Daniel Lie* (BRA), Roberta Lima (BRA/AUT), MARSSARES* (BRA), Christian Kosmas Mayer (GER), Thais Medeiros* (BRA), Denise Palmieri (BRA), Dudu Quintanilha* (BRA), Camilla Rocha Campos* (BRA), Luiz Roque* (BRA), Juliana dos Santos (BRA), Axel Stockburger (GER), Giseli Vasconcelos* (BRA), Antoinette Zwirchmayr (AUT
*Artists-in-Residence Q21/MQ
**Artist-in-Residence Austrian Federal Chancellery and KulturKontakt Austria

Image: Ines Doujak: Alpaca, part of the series: Loomshuttles / Warpaths, Eccentric Archive
2010 - 2017, wall installation 


The 'frei_raum Q21 exhibition space' series is presented in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and other partners from Austria and abroad.

'frei_raum Q21 exhibition space' shows international exhibition projects with the contribution of Artists-in-Residence as part of Q21. Admission is free.

Artistic Director:
Elisabeth Hajek

Elisabeth Hajek
43/1/523 5881 -1717

Guided Tours:

Exhibitions 2009-2017
MOOD SWINGS – On Mood Politics, Sentiment Data, Market Sentiments and Other Sentiment Agencies

It is moods rather than facts that are determining perceptions, decisions and courses of action to an ever greater degree. Mood data, in turn is a sought-after subject for analysis; emotions are being quantified and simulated. The exhibition “Mood Swings – On mood politics, sentiment data, market sentiments and other sentiment agencies” focuses on the significance and radius of sentiment in politics, economy, technology, media and art.
Curated by Sabine Winkler.

Mar 31 to May 28, 2017
Tue-Sun 13-20:00
Opening: Thu, Mar 30, 19:00

What is left?

What is the status quo in times of global economic, social, and military crises, and what remains of life’s potentials? This exhibition, which is curated by Gülsen Bal and Walter Seidl, examines alternative models vis-à-vis contemporary life conditions and the dominant political and financial systems.

Sep 23 to Nov 20, 2016
Tue-Sun 13-20:00
Opening: Thu, Sep 22, 19:00


In 2016 Austria celebrates the 50th anniversary of the contract of 4 April 1966 between the Republic of Austria and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia establishing a basis for the legal and voluntary migration of labor, and so creating the “Gastarbeiter” (Lit. guestworker) phenomenon. Article 9 of this historically significant contract specifically endorsed the promotion of this mobile workforce's own cultural and social life, and led to the founding of over 100 workers social clubs. “AJNHAJTCLUB” explores the history of this community as reflected in these clubs, which were not only regarded as spaces for maintaining and bolstering cultural identity and for providing a sense of participation, but also provided a vent for nostalgia towards the old homeland.
Curated by Bogomir Doringer

Jul 06 to Sep 04, 2016
Tue-Sun 13-20:00
Opening: Tue, Jul 05, 19:00

As Rights Go By - On the Erosion and Denial of Rights

Commercial agendas operating parallel to the phantasma of security technology are increasingly infringing on our rights as citizens. Promises of high yields and investment safety are undermining our constitutionally guaranteed rights — rights that are not even conceded to refugees.
Curated by Sabine Winkler

Apr 15 to Jun 12, 2016
Tue-Sun 13-20:00
Opening: Thu Apr 14, 19:00


The exhibition explores the potential of levitation as the power to overcome gravity and make people and objects rise as a form of protest, resistance and liberation. Levitate!
Curated by Daria Khan (RUS) with works by Iván Argote (COL), Anton Burdakov (GBR)*, Cooking Sections (ISR/ESP)*, Patrick Hough (IRL)*, Christian Jankowski (GER), Krištof Kintera (CZE), Emiliano Maggi (ITA)*, Cinthia Marcelle (BRA), Rä di Martino (ITA)*, Astrid Menze (GER)*, Raphael Montanez Ortiz (USA), Karthik Pandian (USA), Mona Vatanamu & Florin Tudor (ROU), Julijonas Urbonas (LTU)*.
*Artist-in-Residence of Q21

Sep 23 thru Nov 22, 2015
Tue-Sun 13-20:00
Opening: Tue, Sep 22, 19:00

Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century

Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century pursues the historical traces of the First World War in the present, and reflects on their treatment. The exhibition explores the extent that contemporary art can expand the cultural memory, correct or even contribute to a finding of the facts. At the same time, the exponents show altered rather than socially compliant images of history, highlighting differences between national narratives about the war and cultures of commemorating it.
Curated by Frank Eckhardt and Andrea Domesle

Jun 03 thru Aug 16, 2015
Tue-Sun 13-16:00, 16:30-20:00
Opening: Tue, Jun 02, 19:00

united nations extended - The Vienna Dialog

The exhibition "united nations extended — The Vienna Dialog" engages with the forgeline between art and politics, using the United Nations as an example. Alongside critical statements by contemporary artists, the exhibition also shows poetic and documentary works, presenting a broad survey of artistic positions since the 1990s. Compiled by the curators Signe Theill and Peter Winkels at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL in the MuseumsQuartier Wien, the exhibition engages with figurative and symbolic political acts.

Mar 13 thru May 10, 2015
Tue-Sun 13-16:00, 16:30-20:00
Opening: Thu, Mar 12, 19:00

PCFS - Post Colonial Flagship Store

The “Post Colonial Flagship Store (PCFS)” exhibition project (concept: Sven Kalden and Georg Klein) showcases artworks camouflaged as consumer goods, and engages with a new, surreptitious form of colonialism. The Flagship Store is what the colonial store was a hundred years ago, offering a “cleaner” consumer world today, albeit one all too frequently based on the exploitation of low-wage countries.

Oct 03 thru Nov 23, 2014
Tue-Sun 13-19:00
Opening: Thu, Oct 02, 19:00

Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywhere

For the MQ Summer of Sounds 2014 the transdisciplinary international exhibition project is dedicated to increasing the presence of cables as a key components in contemporary art. Installations, interventions, objects, works on the wall and contextual works provide an insight into the breadth of artistic interpretations, and demonstrate sensually the pragmatic function of cables as a "connecting" element and as a conductor of light, sound, movement, the flow of data etc. Curated by Georg Weckwerth.

Jun 05 to Aug 24, 2014
Tue to Sun 13:00-19:00
Opening: Wed, Jun 04, 19:00

Places of Transition

In search of “possible futures”, the exhibition brings together a variety of art works that engage in an evolving process of producing pluralistic approaches which, in their multiplicity, provoke an encounter on both a visual and discursive level. The changing parameters of transnational questions about common models of interaction necessitate a view on global shifts of power. While the East-West divide in Europe is drawing to a close, the power struggles in the Middle East have pushed back the hopes of the Arab spring and foster the debate on political periods of transition on a global scale.
Curated by Gülsen Bal and Walter Seidl.

Jan 24 to Mar 03, 2014
Tue-Sun 13-19:00
Opening: Thu, Jan 23, 19:00


FACELESS part II, will investigate disturbed identities, everlasting searching for the right that one could have, broken icons in which we use to believe or use as source of inspiration.It will offer trough workshops and lectures practical solutions for regaining privacy that we are talking so much about and wishing back. Visitors will be trained to try new hair and make up style how to escape security systems and face detection, how to start digital revolution in which faces are definitely hidden behind masks.

Sep 28 to Nov 24, 2013
Tue-Sun 13-19:00
Opening: Fri, Sep 27, 19:00


The exhibition FACELESS part I at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL explores the phenomenon of inescapable recognizability in the media and the resulting strategies of media users to become virtually faceless.
Curated by Bogomir Doringer in cooperation with Brigitte Felderer.

Jul 04 to Sep 01, 2013
Tue-Sun 13-19:00
Opening: Wed, Jul 03, 19:00

Dive and Run

"Dive and Run" is the paradoxical title of a multimedia art exhibition conceived by German artist and curator Matthias Deumlich. The contradictory image of diving and running is meant to express the need to slow down and reflect in the midst of all the fast-paced world surrounding us.

Mar 07 to Apr 24, 2013
Tue to Sun 13:00-19:00
Opening: Wed, Mar 06, 19:00

Graphic Detour - Crossing Borders in European Design

Graphic design is not what it used to be. Current techniques have made this profession more transparent and accessible. Artists and designers no longer work within one discipline but instead take detours into different domains. In this way, fascinating cross fertilizations arise. For the exhibition, curator Erik Kessels brought together eight international graphic designers and artists with eight companies of the Province of Brabant to explore the borders of their disciplines together.

Sep 29 to Nov 25
Tue-Sun 1-7pm
Opening: Sep 28, 6.30pm

TECHNOSENSUAL. where fashion meets technology

The exhibition “TECHNOSENSUAL. where fashion meets technology” presents electronic textiles and wearable technologies created by international haute tech couture designers. The exhibition features garments that combine fashion and technology while expanding the possibilities of contemporary fashion design. These smart textiles are equipped with electronic components such as sensors and LEDs or are made out of innovative and futuristic materials. Curated by Anouk Wipprecht

Jun 15 to Sep 2 2012
daily 10am to 7pm
Opening: Thu, Jun 14, 7pm

MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE. Wanting to Say Something About John

“MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE: Wanting to Say Something About John” is an international group exhibition featuring works about the American composer by more than sixty artists.

Feb 17 to May 6 2012
daily 10am to 7pm
Opening: Thu, Feb 16, 7pm 

TOTEM AND TABOO complexity and relationships between art and design

In the context of design as an applied art, TOTEM AND TABOO views art as the hypothetical father figure or relative of design. The metaphor of family relationships and family similarity led the group of writers and curators behind the show to take a closer look at Sigmund Freud's TOTEM AND TABOO

Oct 1 to Nov 20 2011
daily 10am to 7pm
Opening: Fri, Sept 30, 7pm


Where does fashion end and art begin? This question is at the center of the exhibition “GET IN THE HAZE” at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL. Curated by Lliure Briz (ESP) and opening on May 19, the show takes a close look at prize-winning and recognized fashion designers and artists who are not afraid of hybrid art forms.

May 20 to Sep 5 2011
daily 10am to 7pm
Opening: Thu, May 19, 7pm

PlayFace InterCult

"PlayFace InterCult" offers a playful exploration of the interfaces between humans and machines, curated by Ekmel Ertan, Martin Kaltenbrunner, and Georg Russegger.

April 21 to May 8 2011
daily 10am to 7pm

TONSPUR_expanded. ∞ The Loudspeaker

Air is the medium by which sound travels, the speaker is the medium of its transformation. The exhibition TONSPUR_expanded ∞ The Loudspeaker focuses on artistic engagement with sound conversion.

11 Dec 2010 to 20 Feb 2011
daily 10am to 7pm

The Art of Design. ak7 - Contemporary Design by Contemporary Artists

The exhibition is to launch the label ak7 and presents design by international artists Pavel Büchler, Sissi Farassat, Shilpa Gupta, Ulrike Lienbacher, Maeve Rendle, Esther Stocker, Martin Walde, Lois Weinberger and Erwin Wurm.

Oct 2 2010 - Nov 21 2010
daily 10am to 7pm

Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!

Fashion, design, visuals, photography, performing art, film, illustration, music, workshops and lectures make this exhibition a kind of gesamtkunstwerk that conveys to visitors a sense of London's vibrant atmosphere as a fashion metropolis.

Jun 11 2010 - Sep 12 2010
daily 10am to 7pm

DigitalMaterial Luzern

DigitalMaterial Luzern reflects the latest trends in art at the cutting edge. It shows how technological resources are being used to incorporate new dimensions in creative production.

Feb 12 2010 - Mar 21 2010
daily 10am to 7pm


From well-known names like Armani, Prada, and Versace to less familiar ones like Raffaella Curiel and Emilio Frederico Schuberth, this exhibition is dedicated to the pioneers who paved the way for alta moda, Italy's answer to haute couture.

Dec 10 2009 – Jan 20 2010
daily 10am to 7pm

REAL WORLD LABORATORY - Central European Design

The exhibition curated by Czesawa Frejlich (POL) and Magda Kochanowska (POL), presents outstanding designers and design agencies from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria.

Sept 30 2009 - Nov 20 2009
daily 10am to 7pm