"We think that most of the time art is useless." Meet one part of the Chinese artist duo BIRDHEAD, Ji Weiyu in his Artist-in-Residence studio in Vienna. To him art is not the act of taking pictures, but what comes afterwards.
The duo BIRDHEAD has presented its photographic world in different renowned places like MoMA The Museum of Modern Art or La Biennale di Venezia and was invited by EIKON - International Magazine for Photography and Media Art to live and work at MuseumsQuartier Wien.

Oto Hudec (SVK)

As part of the group exhibition Stopover - Ways of Temporary Exchange, Oto Hudec shows his installation Long, Long Road: „After exploring the theme of immigration in the artwork, and living the life of an immigrant partially too, what always struck me as the most fascinating and tragic part of the immigrant story was the road. [...] The installation consists of a table filled with sand, above which a movie is projected onto a big billboard structure. Both projection and projector become part of the landscape, as the projection of a bright future is the driving force behind the immigrant’s journey."

Adela Jušić (BIH)

As part of the exhibition Stopover - Ways of Temporary Exchange at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space, Adela Jušić presents her installation Here Come the Women (Eto nam žena) which deals with the absence of women in public consciousness in Bosnia and Herzegovina and traces the origins of this reality within the history of the twentieth century, both during World War II in Yugoslavia and the post-war period.

Cristina David (ROU)

‘I don’t think me living in the gallery space is art. I think it is more of an artistic and social statement: the basic need to have a space in which to live and the intellectual need for comfort.’

Cristina David and the architect Ana-Maria Machedon talk about the project Hic Habito which is part of the exhibition Stopover - Ways of Temporary Exchange at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space.

Jaime Lauriano (BRA)

"The work which is behind me is entitled Invasion, Ethnocide, Treated Racial Democratization and Cultural Appropriation. In this work I took the first Brazilian map which was commissioned by the Emperor of Brazil to show to the Austrian Emperor." Watch Jaime Lauriano talk about his artwork presented at #Weltkompakt

Libidiunga Cardoso (BRA)

Libidiunga Cardoso is a research-based artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. His work is conceived as formal translations of historical narratives, with a special interest in Latin America.
Here you can watch his performance for the exhibition WELT KOMPAKT? curated by Ursula Maria Probst at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space.


Daniel Lie (BRA)

Passion Fruit / Maracujá
Daniel Lie is a Pernambuco-Indonesian artist, born in São Paulo, who works with hybrids. In a video interview, he discusses his installation for the exhibition WELT KOMPAKT? curated by Ursula Maria Probst at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space.

Juan Pablo Cámara (ARG) & Michele Rizzo (ITA) recommended by frei_raum Q21 exhibition space

At the opening of the AJNHAJTCLUB you may have encountered the young dancers, who performed a very special dance - the KOLO dance - in the frei_raum exhibition space.
What was behind it? Hear how performance artists Juan Pablo Cámara and Michele Rizzo reached out to a local community and worked on a different approach to this traditional dance.

Peter Millard (GBR) invited by VIS Vienna Independent Shorts

"In a world where animation is mostly created on the computer I want to bring people back to a time where all they had was wax crayons, paper and their imagination." Peter Millard in his studio at MuseumsQuartier Wien.

#artistQ21: Artist-in-Residence Lunch

We video-interviewed our brilliant guest artsists at our monthly Artist-in-Residence lunch. Meet poet and translator Ljiljana Ilić, curator and cultural manager Zuzana Jakalová, Olga Alia Krulišová, Jana Mořkovská and Beate Passow, who participate in the exhibition "Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century", building artist Magnus Sodamin recommended by Perfekt World, fine artist Tatiana Fiodorova and Italian filmmaker Cristina Picchi recommended by VIS Vienna Independent Shorts.

Pınar Yoldaş (TUR) recommended by SCHAURAUM Angewandte

Artist/researcher Pınar Yoldaş uses her background in neuroscience, biology and architecture to design new organs, new organisms and new species. In December 2014 Pınar Yoldaş was Artist-in-Residence at quartier21/MQ and realized her work “Finally Feeling Fine?“, in which she argues that in the 21st century, cognitive dissonance is an inevitable symptom of everyday life (Lefebvre) for the SCHAURAUM Angewandte. quartier21 interviewed her for a short portrait.

Mario Asef (ARG/GER) recommended by freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

As part of the exhibition "PCFS – Post Colonial Flagship Store" at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL, Mario Asef presents his installation "Crossfade".
Fade In: "The arrival of Europeans in the Americas was an event that would irrevocably change the course of history."
Fade Out: "In the early 20th century, the accidental arrival of a species of ant in Europe drastically modified the coastal environment of the European Mediterranean."

Sven Kalden and Georg Klein (GER) recommended by freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

The “Post Colonial Flagship Store (PCFS)” exhibition project (concept: Sven Kalden and Georg Klein) showcases artworks camouflaged as consumer goods, and engages with a new, surreptitious form of colonialism. The Flagship Store is what the colonial store was a hundred years ago, offering a “cleaner” consumer world today, albeit one all too frequently based on the exploitation of low-wage countries.
#postcolonial #flagshipstore

Robert Seidel (GER) recommended by VIS Vienna Independent Shorts

Berlin artist Robert Seidel, former Artist-in-Residence at the quartier21/MQ in 2012 recommended by VIS Vienna Independent Shorts talks with Daniel Ebner about his contribution to the "MQ Summer of Sounds": a spectacular and unprecedented water film sculpture, a piece somewhere between motion painting and transitory sculpture, between hip experimental art and expanded cinema. 

Ali Miharbi (TUR) recommended by SCHAURAUM Angewandte

Guest curator Işin Önol talked with Artist-in-Residence Ali Miharbi (TUR), former Artist-in-Residence Mirko Lazović (SRB/NDL) and Vienna-based artist Robert Mathy (AUT) about their projects at SCHAURAUM Angewandte and the Electric Avenue during the MQ Summer of Sounds. In cooperation with freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL the artists present satellite installations for the exhibition "Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywhere".

Rachelle Beaudoin (USA) recommended by Fulbright Commission

Rachelle Beaudoin uses video, wearables, and performance to explore feminine iconography and identity within popular culture.
In Vienna she had performances at "Combinat" and gave workshops at "Miss Balthazar's Laboratory".


NUMSKULL is an Australian based artist, working out of Sydney in a variety of fields and mediums including painting, sculpture, illustration and large scale murals. He was invited by PERFEKT WORLD as Artist-in-Residence in March 2014.