Željka Blakšić aka Gita Blak (HRV)

Who is Gita Blak?
Željka Blakšić aka Gita Blak is an interdisciplinary artist born in Zagreb and currently based in New York City and Artist-in-Residence at Q21 in November and December 2017. Her artworks and projects often combine different types of media and are influenced by the so-called “underground scenes” and subcultures. Catch a glimpse of what’s happening behind her studio doors, follow her around town as she’ll be taking over Q21′s Instagram account at the end of December and find out more about her work in Vienna.

Polygon Creative Empire (HUN)

Sissi Quartier
Sissi Quartier is a fictitious property investment plan by Polygon Creative Empire. It examines the kind of cultural and social components required to artificially construct a region.
Curator Dóra Hegyi talked to members of Polygon Creative Empire (Orsolya Bajusz, Virág Bogyó, Kinga Lendeczki and Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják) when the project Sissi Quartier was realized at MQ ART BOX, in the courtyard of MuseumsQuartier Wien, as part of the exhibition “Stopover. Ways of Temporary Exchange” at the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space.


"Keeping it real means keeping it real broke."
Australian graffiti artist Lush Sux keeps indoor work to a minimum and puts up as many walls as he can during his residency at Q21 / MuseumsQuartier Wien.  On invitation of Jan Arnold Gallery, he has created a new body of work for an exhibition that opens on July 27. With journalist Stefanie Schermann he talked about his career and art as a business.

Maize Wallin (AUS)

Vision trumps everything
Maize Wallin is an incredibly busy woman who works in a variety of fields within the art/tech world. She is a curator and creator of live art shows and she predominantly works as a composer and sound designer in video games. In our interview we focus on this aspect of her life and we also have a little chat about things that still got too little attention in her industry, such as feminism and ageism.

Anika Hirt (GER) & Dan Wilcox (USA)

Trust Me - You Will Get What I Want
Invited by monochrom, Artists-in-Residence Anika Hirt (GER) and Dan Wilcox (USA) are spending their residency building a robot for the Roböxotica festival, which will take place from December 8th to 11th, 2016 at mo.ë Vienna. ‘Trust Me’, their bartending robot misunderstands your order and serves you something you did not want instead. It is a reference to the often troubling ‘autocorrect’ feature in text messages. We met the artists at their studio for a little chat about the robot and their take on media art, technology and its future.

Elena Cologni (ITA)

Lived Dialectics: Movement and Rest
Elena Cologni
was Artist-in-Residence at the MuseumsQuartier Wien in July 2016. Her work mostly consists of site-specific mediatised performances and installations. In conversation with curator Gülsen Bal, she talks about her experiential approach and her project during her residency.

Petra Gerschner (GER)

The aesthetics of dominance
At the exhibition “What is left?” Petra Gerschner stages a 12-meter-long red carpet with the glowing slogan “join the winning side—smash capitalism” to hint at the necessity and potentiality of a different society, thereby standing in opposition to dominant power systems and phenomena of exclusion. Meet the artist in conversation with one of the curators, Walter Seidl.

Anthony Lister (AUS)

Who's behind the MQ facade?
The MQ facade is getting a face lift and street artist and Artist-in-Residence of Q21 Anthony Lister created a gigantic piece for the scaffold. He was invited by Sebastian Schager, curator of the Street Art Passage Vienna who met Lister for a chat.

Nikola Knežević (SRB)

“It’s possible to challenge people to think differently”
Nikola Knežević talks about his project, which emerged from the research he conducted as an Artist-in-Residence at Q21 in Vienna for the exhibition AJNHAJTCLUB curated by Bogomir Doringer. The research and the exhibition are a contribution to the anniversary of the official contract which allowed people from Yugoslavia to stay and work in Austria temporarily. These people were called “Gastarbeiter”.

Lindita Komani (ALB)

In der Mariahilfer Straße ist die Welt los.
Lindita Komani is currently staying at MuseumsQuartier as a Writer-in-Residence, invited in cooperation with BMEIA (Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.) Aside from her commercial work, she is an international writer and poet. Travelling regularly between Albania and Austria, she has settled down next to busy and inspiring Mariahilfer Straße for a month. She is working on many projects, from research at the Austrian National Archive to the observation of Vienna street life, writing about history and letting her creativity take shape as poems.

Josh Harle (AUS)

Warrior or Pornographer?
Josh Harle is the current Artist-in-Residence of Q21 recommended by the Research Institute for Arts and Technology at MuseumsQuartier. Harle is an artist and researcher based in Sydney who explores the use of technology to map and make sense of the world, critiquing its opaquely ideological use. Through his radical cartographic practices, Harle reveals his own place in a world of competing drives to organise, stake-claims, and dictate boundaries. Andrew Newman from the Research Institute for Arts & Technology speaks to him about his practice.

Kasia Nalewajka (POL)

Kasia Nalewajka is a film director, writer and animator based in London.
Her 9-minute animation short Pineapple Calamari won the „3 month residency at Q21/MQ“ award at last year’s Tricky Women Animation Festival. We met Kasia for a quick chat about krakens and deep emotions.

Mar Dixon (USA)

You can’t keep talking about yourself, it’s not social.
Mar Dixon is a consultant in social media and audience development, who is working with the big cultural institutions in the world. She is the founder of @CultureThemes, Teens in Museums and MuseumCamp. We met the Artist-in-Residence at Q21 in her studio to talk about Viennese people’s difficulties with sharing ideas and building communities. And she gets straight to the point: We want content! And museums aren’t giving us that.


The artist duo Cooking Sections’ (Alon Schwabe and Daniel Fernández Pascual) full-hearted enthusiasm in the approach to their subjects is almost contagious. Collaborating since 2012, the duo creates geopolitical cooking installations and performances that explore “food territories”. In the process, they  transcend disciplines, invent new methodologies and create bases for discussion. Based in London, they have been focusing their research on Britain’s imperial past and present, working on a project called “The Empire Remains”. Part of their research is now shown in the exhibition LEVITATE! at freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL.

Daria Khan (RUS)

"A woman who levitates obviously levitates above her role."
Daria Khan, curator of the exhibition „Levitate!“ at freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL, tells us about the meaning of levitation as a form of protest.

Emiliano Maggi (ITA)

“Everybody can be the outsider.”
Emiliano Maggi pronounces “art” like “heart” – no coincidence, maybe. Miraculously focused and energetic at the same time, this young Roman artist approaches art, as he says, “like a child”. His work is full of references to ancient times, but his concerns relate to the modern human being who is likely to be an outsider in a chaotic world. Maggi is a participating artist in the exhibition “Levitate”, curated by Daria Kahn.

Magnus Sodamin (NOR/USA)

"Call me a building artist"
Magnus Sodamin’s work is multidisciplinary and ranges from painting, sculpture and drawing to performance and installation. The artist was born in New York City but has lived in Miami for the past 16 years. In Florida he feels strongly connected to nature on the one hand and big city vibes on the other. These forces somehow seem to soak his large-scale canvases, murals and space-filling installations which are dripping with colorful energy. Sodamin is fascinated by the interplay of surface and depth and in this conversation we try to find out on which levels he operates with it.

Igor Hofbauer (HRV)

“It is my stubbornness that counts”
In April, Igor Hofbauer is Artist-in-Residence recommended by KABINETT comic passage at MuseumsQuartier Wien. For the occasion, we had a little interview, hoping to catch a glimpse of his amazing work and therefore invite everyone to check out his activities at MQ, as well as discovering his comic world existing between the shadow lands and reality…

Guy Wouete (CMR)

“In my language there is no word for ‘art’.”
Grown up, living and working in Cameroon, West Africa, he studied art in Europe. Now he moves between the two continents as a kind of nomadic artist.
Guy Wouete is participating artist at the upcoming exhibition united nations extended – The Vienna Dialog at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL. Find out why Joseph Beuys is to be mentioned again, and why it is so necessary for all of us to be awake.

Orit Ishay (ISR)

The Israeli artist Orit Ishay (b. 1961 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa) was Artist-in-Residence at quartier21/MQ recommended by EIKON - International Magazine for Photography and Media Art in November and December 2014. In an interview she talked with Nela Eggenberger (EIKON) about her works that strive to raise political, social and psychological questions for discussion by dealing with issues concerning time and space.

Maayan Sheleff (ISR)

Frankie’s name is a reference to frankness
Maayan Sheleff (ISR), Artist-in-Residence at quartier21/MQ was invited for this year's "paraflows - festival for digital art and culture", with her project "Frankie the Documentary Robot" - an experimental research project on the human machine-relationship, authorship and surveillance, involving a robot that interviews people and documents them, forming an online archive. One of the “paraflows”-curators, Günther Friesinger from monochrom, talked with Maayan about her project, her influences, and chat bots.

Ivan A. (HRV)

Meet Valter Horvath, Split Personalities and Umrijeti Za Strojem
This summer Ivan Antunovic becomes active in Vienna with an exhibition, sound lectures and live performances. Over one month his work will deal with himself, his alter egos and other artists in dialogue. This collection of thoughts will give some insights.
Photo: © Daniel Pufe


Breaking the Noise Barrier
Post-conceptual artist Warren Neidich (USA) on his current project for the exhibition "Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywhere" and the artist residency of the 21st century.


"The art world really is stupid in a way..."
2013 was a busy year for Paolo Cirio, New York-based conceptual artist and Artist-in-Residence at quartier21: his projects have been exhibited worldwide and he has held several workshops and lectures.

Birgül OĞUZ (TUR)

“After Gezi I think I know what to write and I do not know what to do.”
Writer-in-Residence Birgül Oguz, who spent the last two years working on English elegies, the psychology of mourning and melancholia, and politics of mourning in particular tells us that we cannot draw a convincing parallel between Gezi and some recent civil right movements such as Occupy Wall Street.


“I am very impatient. That’s why I make these patient films.”
James Benning, born in 1942, is an independent artist and filmmaker from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, known for reduced, minimalistic and poetic films like 13 Lakes. Beyond that Benning is a sound artist, brilliant mathematician and unique observer, who works with all kinds of media to maybe find something like the (personal) truth.


"Go for the big elements, try to combine them."
Sergei, dressed elegantly – he was awarded Denmark's Best Dressed Man in 2010 – clearly is an esthete, maybe even a dandy. Find out if there is something more to discover, when the “master of modern collage”, as art critics call him, is asked what makes his work special.


“A frame is never just a frame.”
Italian artist Marco Pezzotta talks about his work "Significant Others, 2013", presented in the exhibition Faceless part II. #faceless


“I’m what they call a born writer.”
Oksana Zabuzhko (UKR), Writer-in-Residence at quartier21 in August and September 2013, talked with us about her work as a writer: "the main thing is words; not the story"


“My power is beyond your understanding”
Theo-Mass LEXILEICTOUS says fashion, money, and media are the superpowers of our time. To gain these powers he became a superhero. Through this concept the disguised artist found his way on fashion magazine covers like Dazed and Confused. Theo-Mass is taking part in the exhibition “Faceless part II.”


Rebel, rebel! Yuths!
Damier Johnson is fashion designer and artistic director behind the label REBEL YUTHS. He has shown two of his knitted masks at the exhibition Faceless part I and is now going to present a whole collection at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

Juliette IMBERT (FRA)

Made in Vienna
We met Juliette Imbert (FRA), Artist-in-Residence at quartier21 recommended by Combinat, in her studio and talked about her project for the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK 2013.


“I will be the next great …”
For her reality TV show NEW LAVORO, Dora Budor casted 18 upcoming NYC-based artists who performed different assignments through 7 days. The winner of the show became the main face in the project NEW LAVORO at 55th Venice Biennale. We met Dora in her Artist-in-Residence studio at quartier21/MQ.

Zachari LOGAN (CAN)

“Maybe you should turn it on yourself”
We met Canadian artist Zachari Logan in his studio and talked about his self-portraits, male identity, and the upcoming exhibition "Faceless" at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL.

Wonder Anatomie (THA)

Asian fashion delights
The team of the quartier21 visited Designer-in-Residence Khatikasemlert Chalermkiat aka POP in his studio to have a little chat. Surprisingly enough we came to preview parts of his collection „Tatoo after Death“ that will be presented at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week on Thursday Sept 13th, 2012...