Thibaud Guichard

Country ...................... France
City ............................. Villedieu-la-Blouère
Category .................... Visual Art
Recommended by freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Period of stay ............ Mar 15

Thibaud Guichard thinks and builds his work as a researcher. He has the particularity to be interested in knowledges, both in their histories and in their practices.
Based on number of documents of various origins - whether from Supernatural, the TV serie, scientific papers on string theory, through forums on Ancient Astronauts - Thibaud Guichard develops a thought on construction of reality, the writing of history, and dissemination of knowledge.
Collaboration with physicists, anthropologists, and other partners from different backgrounds outside the art field are feeding this practice; and allows the encounter between different viewpoints, cultures and disciplines.
It is an ambitious work which produces lectures, videos, installations, and prints, in order to play with codes and manipulate data to develop a different perspective on reality.
(Nathalie Gélard.)


D.N.S.E.P option Art (M.A in Fine Arts), ENSA Paris-Cergy.
L1 Anthropology and Art History, Université Lumière Lyon 2.
D.N.A.P option Art with congratulations (B.A in Fine Arts), ESA Lorient.


« Pilot Trial and Error », Puertas de Castilla Art Center, Murcia.
« Park in Progress », Park in Progress Nottingham, World Event Young Artists 2012, Nottingham.
« Transfusão » , festival Imêrgencia, Institut Français, Lisbonne.
« Jeudi’s » , Centre George Pompidou, Paris.
« Expotempo#2 » , ENSAPC, Cergy.
« Bande-Annonce » , La Conciergerie, Paris.
« International Art Program » , Art Tower Galery, Athènes.
« Expotempo#1 » , Le Carreau, Cergy.


« Ici Poddema » , with Ludwig, La Novela 2013, Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse.
« La Fête Aura Lieu Hier » , with Ludwig, Empreintes Numériques #7, Centre Bellegarde, Toulouse.
« Robinoude, an archetypal middle age case of cultural gender construction. » , with Céline Larrère, Park in Progress Nottingham, World Event Young Artists 2012, Nottingham.
« Croatoan » , Excentricités 2, festival international de performance, Besançon.
« Timeslip » , Keine ZEIT-No TIME, Ausstellung/Exhibition 2011-2012, G.A.S Station, Berlin.
« 5 Watts » , with Nicolas Vargelis et Lucas Wyss, La Vitrine, Paris.


Pilot Trial and Error, La Postiza Artist Residency & Puertas de Castilla Art Center, Murcia.
The Park in Progress UK Residency 2012, World Event Young Artists 2012, Nottingham.


My project consist into the elaboration of a fictional committee of enquiry about the events of the first world war, and more about the events which initiate this war. As a committe of enquiry was set up about the war in Iraq, to know if biological and chemical warfare was used by the military power of this contry, I would like to create a committee to investigate about the circonstances of the Archiduc Franz Ferdinand's murder.