Agnès Guipont

Country ...................... France
City ............................. Berlin (GER)
Category .................... Music, Sound Art
Recommended by freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Period of stay ............ Oct 14

La Vie en Bô
Bloody Soundtrack in progress

Agnès Guipont, born near Paris, has been livin in Berlin for 11 years. After working for more than 15 years in theaters as an actress (education at École Internationale Jacques Lecoq in Paris), she leaves everything behind in 2010 and starts working as a singer and pianist.

From 2012 to 2014 her solo program SPLEEN? Récital Léo Ferré is shown in Germany, Frankce and Luxembourg.

In 2014 she founds La Vie en Bô, a music project with instruments, objects, sounds and literature.


Bloody Soundtrack (Working Title)

A soundtrack, or musical accompaniment for the PCFS which is produced subjectively, composed by a white-European middleclass citizen, unfree of prejudices, guilt feelings, ideals, or notions of compensations. The soundtrack will be played during the exhibition, on the one hand condensed at one spot, on the other hand spread over the whole PCFS.

In November, I will present the soundtrack live during the exhibition and will process it with new elements.

The soundtrack is developped from my analysis of classical "colonial goods" (such as coffee, sugar, rice, tea, cacao, etc.) and with products of the exchange between former colonial powers and former colonised countries, that will be used as instruments, and sources for rhythm and sound.

Material for the song's lyrics will be given by political and literary texts (books, speeches, laws, etc.) that will be processed loosely, as well as interviews that I have done with people from my surroundings.