Ivan Antunovic

Country ...................... Croatia
City ............................. Zagreb
Category .................... Graphic Design, Music, DIY, Theory
Recommended by eSeL REZEPTION
Period of stay ............ Jul 14

Professional experience: 1995 – present;
Exhibitions/lectures: 2012 – ULUPUH (Croatian association of applied artists), induction exhibition presenting new members of the association; ZGRAF, Zagreb (international exhibition of graphic design and visual communications), awarded the third prize by the International jury); 2012 – ROMAN CIESLEWICZ: Sjajni tragovi (Glossy traces) 1961-1995, HDD (Croatian Designers Association), Zagreb – contributing to a retrospective exhibition curated by Goran Martin Štimac; 2013 - NIEUW NDG: DID IT MYSELF, solo exhibition at HDD (Croatian Designers Association) covering a 5 year period of DIY activities in the graphic design/music field; 2013 – DAN D (D Day), participating within the Zastranienie collective, providing graphic designs for their „Digitalni Veltšmerc“ (Digital Weltschmerz); 2013 – DIZAJN SPEKTAKLA (Design of the spectacle), Karas Gallery - Zagreb, contributing to a ZGRAF restrospective; 2014 – SAMOIZDAVANJE (Self-publishing), lecture at the University of Zagreb/Faculty of Architecture – School of Design; 2014 – DOZVOLJENO PLAKATIRANJE (Posters Allowed), contributing to a group exhibition of posters, curated by Ivan Dorotić of Vizkultura.hr


With his exhibition "Nieuw NDG: Did it Myself", Ivan A., Artist-in-Residence at quartier21/MQ, presents the works of the "dummy company", which is responsible for the visual identity of his central music projects: himself.

The "One-Man Scene" lecture series and the associated performances - as I/II, Umrijeti Za Strojem and Valter Horvat - show these nested players in a largely unknown post-Yugoslavian art scene in action at various locations in the city.