Ray Kass

Country ...................... USA
City ............................. Christiansburg, Virginia
Category .................... Fine Arts
Recommended by freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Period of stay ............ Feb 12 - Mar 12


Ray Kass is participant of the exhibition MEMBRA DISJECTA FOR JOHN CAGE. Wanting to say something about John at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


My two residencies at MQ were artistically rich and productive experiences.
The company of the other artists-in-residence was very stimulating and we collaborated on many projects based in my past experience working with composer John Cage, or in the ongoing work of Sam Ashley, Arnold Dreyblatt, Georg Weckwerth and Sabine Groschup.
During my residences I participated in the Membra Disjecta exhibition at MQ,  delivered two public lectures, recorded a sound installation (with Sam Ashley) of a new sonic composition by Arnold Dreyblatt that was later installed in the TONSPUR archway at MQ, and created and video-documented eleven unique performances of John Cage's STEPS: A Composition For A Painting To Be Performed By Individuals And Groups, an adaptation of a performance piece that I co-created with Cage in 1989.
The video documentaries of these performances are all available on the Mountain Lake Workshop website and you may create a link to them if you wish.


County Mayo Ireland © Ray Kass
Garden © Ray Kass
Berlin-based composer, Arnold Dreyblatt, performs "John Cage's STEPS" at MQ while being filmed by Ian Cobb-Ozanne, 2012. Photo: Ray Kass
Mountain Lake Workshop videographer, Ian Cobb-Ozanne (Left), and MQ Artist-In-Residence, Tyler Adams, performing "John Cage's STEPS" with clear water on the Plaza at MQ, 2012. Photo: Ray Kass