• Brud (1970 - 2038)

    Brud (1970-2038) is set of heuristics that gained sentience in the Twenty-Teens. An Intelligent Artifice (i.e., an I.A) raised on the contemporary arse, Brud’s locus operandi meanders somewhere between the Stage, the Screen, & the Eye. As the resident Alien Cannibal Zombie Parasite of the Whit...

    Section: Cinema, Theater
    Recommended by: RIAT
    Period of stay: Dec 16

  • Dan Wilcox & Anika Hirt

    With interests in technology and the absurd, Dan and Anika join forces as performers, engineers, and futurists in the creation of a cocktail robot. Dan combines live musical performance techniques with experimental electronics and software. Anika builds temporary structures and moving sculptures...

    Country: USA / Germany
    City: Denver (USA)
    Section: Media Art
    Recommended by: monochrom
    Period of stay: Nov 16 - Dec 16

  • Siniša Ilić

    Siniša Ilić (b.1977 Belgrade) is a visual artist also active in the field of performance art. His work includes drawing, painting, installation and video and his practice addresses social phenomena and mechanisms, exploring forms of labor, tension, social violence and states of uncertainty. Ilić ...

    Country: Serbia
    City: Belgrade
    Section: Visual Art
    Recommended by: BMEIA
    Period of stay: Dec 16

  • Edin Konjhodžič

    Published work Books: Rječnik Robova, 2003. Nova Osjecajnost, Zenica. Articles, essays and short stories (selected):Čovjek i Sarajevo, Lica, Sarajevo, 1998. Nivrijeme, Odjek, Sarajevo, 1999. Tiberia u operi, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2000.Posljednja knjiga, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2001. Eficijentni prosjak, Odjek...

    Country: Bosnia Herzegovina
    City: Sarajevo
    Section: Literature
    Recommended by: BMEIA
    Period of stay: Dec 16

  • Nina Prader

    Nina Prader is an artist and arts and culture writer. She was born in Washington D.C.. She received her BFA at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston (Tufts) and at the Slade in London in affiliation with UCL. She continued her studies for her MA in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in ...

    Country: USA
    City: Berlin (GER)
    Section: Media Art: Print
    Recommended by: RIAT
    Period of stay: Dec 16

  • Bego M Santiago

    Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on 18 February 1980.Graduate in Visual Arts In 2006 and Postgraduate Digital Media Art in 2007.In 2010 she moved to Prague to work as a invited teacher at t Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Since 2013 she lives in Berlin where collaborated with HTW, ...

    Country: Spain
    City: Berlin (GER)
    Section: Visual Art
    Recommended by: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Period of stay: Dec 16

  • Maize Wallin

    Maize Wallin is a Melbourne based composer, a curator and creator of live art shows. Maize works predominantly in installation and live art, most recently directing Encounters , a large scale public art installation for Summer Salt and White Night festivals by Microsoft Social NUI lab and VCA. Maize...

    Country: Australia
    City: Melbourne
    Section: Performance Tech Art
    Recommended by: Broken Rules
    Period of stay: Dec 16 - Jan 17

  • Bernadette Wolbring

    Bernadette Wolbring (*1975) is a German artist based in Stockholm and Stuttgart. Her practice derives from an interest in lens-based media, often starting with found material which is then channelled through various media such as photography, film, ceramics, printmaking and installation. Through ges...

    Country: Germany
    City: Stockholm (SWE), Stuttgart
    Section: Photography
    Recommended by: EIKON
    Period of stay: Dec 16 - Jan 17


All Artists

Artists Category Countries Residency Recommendation
Bego M Santiago Visual Art Spain Dec 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Maize Wallin Performance Tech Art Australia Dec 16 - Jan 17 Broken Rules
Siniša Ilić Visual Art Serbia Dec 16 BMEIA
Edin Konjhodžič Literature Bosnia Herzegovina Dec 16 BMEIA
Bernadette Wolbring Photography Germany Dec 16 - Jan 17 EIKON
Brud (1970 - 2038) Cinema, Theater Dec 16 RIAT
Nina Prader Media Art: Print USA Dec 16 RIAT
Víctor Mazón Gardoqui Media Art Spain Nov 16 RIAT
Daniel Lie Installation, Performance Brazil Nov 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Florian Mehnert Conceptual Art Germany Nov 16 eSeL Rezeption
Khaled Ramadan Film, Theory Lebanon Nov 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Dan Wilcox & Anika Hirt Media Art USA / Germany Nov 16 - Dec 16 monochrom
Oto Hudec Multi-media Art Slovakia Nov 16 tranzit.org/ ERSTE Stiftung
Senka Maric Literature Bosnia and Herzegovina Nov 16 BMEIA
Nada Prlja Visual Art, Media Art Macedonia Nov 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Sezgin Boynik Theory Kosovo Oct 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Nihad Hasanović Literature Bosnia and Herzegovina Oct 16 BMEIA
Luiz Roque Visual Art, Media Art Brazil Oct 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Lucia Gregorova Theory Slovakia Oct 16 tranzit.org/ ERSTE Stiftung
Martin Lang Video, Photography, Sculpture USA Oct 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Lionel Hubert Sound Art France Oct 16 TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
Giorgia Conceição Performance Brazil Oct 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Lana Čmajčanin Visual Art, Video Bosnia and Herzegovina Oct 16 - Nov 16 BMEIA
Katharina Schmitt Theater, Performance, Playwright Germany Sep 16 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Marita Fraser Visual Art, Artistic Research Australia Sep 16 ARTISTIC BOKEH / RIAT