Nationalität ................. Rumänien
Wohnort ...................... Bukarest
Bereich ........................ Sound Art
Empfehlende Institution Stiftung
Zeitraum ....................... Nov 17
Sillyconductor is turning emotion into mechanics.
Rochite is turning mechanics into emotion.
It’s purely about the destination of sound.

Concerts as Rochite or Sillyconductor for Rokolectiv Festival (Romania), TodaysArt Festival (Holland), The Hobby Horse (UK), Club Transmediale (Germany), Unsound Festival (Polonia), The Bridge Festival (Bulgaria), Periferias Festival (Spain), Academia di Romania (Italy), V2 (Holland), Save Festival (Russia), La Bibliotheque (Belgium), Le Placard Festival (Belgia), Simultan Festival (Romania), EasternDaze Night (Slovacia), Crack Festival (Italy), Insomnia Festival (Norway) and more.

"The shameful lowlands of the way I'm drifting gloomily though time"
multimedia installation for Art On Display, Bucharest, Romania.

"Utopia Station” - composer
Performance with projected works, electronic music and texts, at the studio building of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna ("Semperdepot"). Featuring Ben Fodor (photo, text, performance) and Karl Menrad (acting).

03/2014–09/2014 Composer and sound engineer
"The Hour Broadcast" v2, collaboration Sillyconductor/Apparatus22/StudioBasar for: "A few Grams of Red, Yellow, Blue. New Romanian Art", Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle CSW, Varsovia, Polonia, (11 March - 8 June) curator Ewa Gorzadek
- "Buy me a mystery", Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (20 Iunie - 10 August)
- "AS GOOD AS GOLD", Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany (4 - 28 Septembrie)

06/12/2013–17/01/2014 Sound artist
London (United Kingdom) “Trajan 1900”
Sound design and video mapping project specially commissioned by the V&A Museum with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute to celebrate the 1900th anniversary of Trajan’s Column. Several private or public shows were performed during the 6th of Decembrie 2013 and the 17th of January 2014.

27/09/2013–29/09/2013 Composer
Berlin (Germany)
"Performance la Konzerthaus Berlin with the support of the Czech Centre and the Romanian Cultural Centre in Berlin as part of the "Dvorak Remastered” project.

17/02/2013–07/04/2013 Sound artist
New York (USA)
- The Shuffler -
Online multimedia installation designed in cooperation with Dreamrec for “Decenter Armory”,, digital exhibition presented by Abrons Arts Center, NY, SUA

15/05/2012–05/09/2012 Sound artist
Vienna (Austria)
- Positive Tension -
Soundtrack for Apparatus 22 - Positive Tension (in the air) performance, MuseumsQuartier Wien, (15 June, 4 august, 22 august, 5 september).

09/2011 Performer
Vienna (Austria)
Sillyconductor live mix as special guest for Apparatus 22 for MAK NITE, MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria.


“Now the LORD provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights”.
Jonah 1:17

During my residence I am interested in expanding my work regarding the research of cathedral organs. For a sound artist and recordist, the organ is what the whale is for the marine biologist - a tremendously vast subject of research. Being basically the only instrument that you can actually be in and study from the inside out, it offers the perfect scenario for exploring every detail of its anatomy. My interest is following the path of the sound, from the moment the organists’ hand touches the key till the moment the sound comes out. The intricate mechanical labyrinth of the organ is a concert in itself that the audience seldom hears. The air, the valves, the motors, the electromagnetic circuits, the pedals, the louvers, the cables, they all play along with the resulting sound. Sometimes, there is no music, only sound. I would like to employ the entire arsenal of recording devices in a non-intrusive manner so that while the organ is playing, I can capture the “negative” recording of the organ - all the sounds  ith the least amount of familiar pipe sounds. I’ve already tested this technique at the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary in Sibiu for the Metaorganum project (a research project and a public multimedia installation I did earlier this year www.facebook/metaorganum). From this point of view, Vienna is a goldmine with it’s more than 20 church organs, some of which are used nearly every day. I am also planning on using the gathered material for a radio show for Kunstradio and also a performance in Vienna.