Nationalität ................. Niederlande
Wohnort ...................... Utrecht
Bereich ........................ Digitale Kultur
Empfehlende Institution ARTISTIC BOKEH
Zeitraum ....................... Nov 12, Oct 12
SETUP is a young Dutch medialab that has been making waves. By organising accessible, innovative and at times just plain funny events that aim to reach a wider audience of digital creatives than just the digital artists and experts. The goal is to create a culture of critical digital natives who will be able to give shape to a free, open and playful digital society. In the past two years SETUP has developed into a hub for Utrecht's digital culture.

Example events are:
- Watching datavisualisations in a cinema and simultaneously using a mobile app to find out how much they are convincing the audience
- Handing out emotion-tracking cookies at festivals that you can actually eat after scanning it with your smartphone.
- Giving workshops on making memes, algorithmic drawing, cinemagraphs (slow animated gifs), and much much more.
- Organising hackathons on twitterdata after a Project X riot, hosting the Dutch pirateparty, and exploring realtime sensorplatforms that measure airquality in the city (a big local political issue).
- Creating exhibitions, like the current one that critically examines 'The New Aesthetic'.

SETUP also hosts other groups and meetups that explore digital culture, such as Girl Geek Dinner, Quantified Self, Twitter Theorists, HackersNL, Nerds Unite (open data), and many others.


Tijmen Schep (1981) is a Dutch adviser, organiser and developer in the field of new media who is fascinated by the turbulence that occurs as digital media intertwine themselves more and more with our everyday lives.

Having aquired an MA in both Digital Media Design at the Higher School of the Arts (HKU), as well as New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Utrecht, he bridges the practical and more media-theoretical and policy related fields.

As SETUP's artistic director Tijmen makes sure events that SETUP organises are relevant, deep and playful at the same time.


Teilnahme am Digitalen Dienstag "Digital Memories. Die Erinnerungen der Zukunft" im Rahmen der VIENNA ART WEEK mit "Mapping Artistic Research and Production Cultures"