Karen Werner

Nationalität ................. USA
Wohnort ...................... Montague (MA)
Bereich ........................ Sound Art
Empfehlende Institution TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
Zeitraum ....................... Nov 17

Audio and digital storytelling; critical storytelling in radiophonic space; hybrid documentary-ethnography-narrative forms; story as methodology and epistemology; indigenous methodologies; arts-based research; art activism; community and solidarity economies.

Ph.D. Sociology, Brandeis University
Dissertation: A Sociology of Contemporary Activist Art, 1990-2004
M. Ed. Human Development & Psychology, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
B.A. Honors, Independent Concentration: Semiotics & Anthropology, Brown University

You Will Not See Me Die (in progress)
     Collaboration with Wendy Call in Oaxaca, Mexico, about Zapotec   
     poet, Irma Pineda. Commissioned by Earshot, ABC/RN
Strange Radio (in progress)
     Episodes 1-7 supported by studio das weisse haus, Memorial
     Foundation for Jewish Culture, Tonspur, and 94.0 FM Radio
     Orange, Vienna.
     Live performance of Episode 1: “Jetzt Höre Ich/ Now I Hear” (8:00)
     at Live Art Magazine, Academy of Music, Northampton, MA,
     on Oct. 21, 2016
Swimming in Butterflies (12:00)
      First Broadcast on Oct. 28, 2016.
      Commissioned by Soundproof, ABC/RN
      Broadcast on RTE Lyric FM show, Nova, hosted by Bernard Clarke
      on Jan. 15, 2017.
Sounds of My Home (3:00)
     For Poetic Mobilities podcast, 
     International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry, 2016
She Stops Watches (5:00)
     Published in Carte Blanche, February 2016, Quebec. Broadcast on
    "Radio Art 106FM," in Haifa, Israel, hosted by Meira Asher on Jan.
     1, 2017
Laws of Lost and Found Objects (23:50)
     Broadcast on ABC/RN's documentary radio show, Earshot,
     June and December 2015.
Slow Down, Mr. Werner (4:52)                                      
     Broadcast on Radiotonic, ABC/ RN, February 2015.
Kilfinane Loop  (6:00)              
     Broadcast on Radiophrenia, temporary FM art radio,
     The Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Scotland,
Resonance 1 & 2 (5:00)
     Performed at the Deep Listening Festival, Troy, NY, 2014.
Montague Ball Drop (2:10)
     Included in Kinokophone Collective’s Sound Cinema event,
     Lincoln Center Library for Performing Arts, NY, 2014.

Strange Radio Listening Station (Episodes 1-5), part of exhibit, "How do you Measure the Reality?" das weisse haus, Hegelgasse 14 1010,
Vienna, Austria, January 16-20, 2017.

“Laws of Lost and Found Objects” included in Soundings: Protest|Politics|Dissent at Power Plant Gallery, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, January 10-February 18, 2017.    

Featured Radio Artist, "Radio Art 106FM," produced and curated by Meira Asher, Haifa, Israel, December 25, 2016 + January 1, 2017.


Production: TONSPUR 76 (8-channel sound work, 7-part series of images)
Location: TONSPUR_passage @ Q21/MQ Wien
Curator: Georg Weckwerth