Ivana Pegan Baće

Nationalität ................. Kroatien
Wohnort ...................... Dubrovnik
Bereich ........................ Multimedia
Empfehlende Institution BMEIA
Zeitraum ....................... Jul 17 - Aug 17

I spent two months in the residency, July and August, hosted in West Balkan studio.
I gratefully appreciate your residency, beautiful bright spacy studio for working and living, and the time for to focus on my work.
I was working on artist books that are made of text and drawings, also I used MQ prospects and calogues to rewrite them with my text as a comment of the exhibitions in MQ that I saw during my residensy, in a way to conect them with my own art practice.
Also, I was focused on audio works, I did few new audio works and I made a lot of soundscapes in Vienna.
In the end, I made an exhibition/ambient/presentation The Dark Places in Raum D. In a dark ambient I set light boxes with the titles and connected them to the sound-works and with art books too.

Ivana Pegan Baće is a multimedia artist born in 1971 in Doboj. Having grown up and lived in Banja Luka, she studied sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo till 1992; graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1996 at the department of sculpture.
Since 1998 she lives in Dubrovnik.
Her works belong to the Dubrovnik circle of contemporary artists, mostly formed around the action of the Art Workshop Lazareti, where it is possible to discern some similarities in the understanding of expression methods and themes, but first of all the conscience of the specific context of Dubrovnik, its heritage and its present.
Member of Croatian Association of Free-lance Artist, Art Workshop Lazareti , Croatian Association of Fine Artist Dubrovnik.


I am working on books that are made of text and images of spaces and also of my own artworks, in those I provoke public to take active role in it. They are personally addressed but universal.


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© Ivana Pegan Baće
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