Nationalität ................. Slowenien
Wohnort ...................... Maribor
Bereich ........................ Klangkunst, Medienkunst
Empfehlende Institution freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Zeitraum ....................... Jan 14
The artistic alliance son:DA belongs to that area of art characterized by the linking of various technologies and media, as well as a new approach to the group work. son:DA is active in the fields of space installations, mouse computer drawings, audio-video performances, animation, film and theater and in garage gallery projects.
Since 2000 son:DA has shown their work internationally and in galleries. son:DA's solo and group works were presented at MSUM+MG Ljubljana, Škuc, Kapelica and Kibla Slovenia. In Bitforms Gallery and The Kitchen Gallery New York, MACRO Rome, Museum of Contemporary Art Solun, Renaissance Society Chicago, Tate Modern London, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Kunstraum Bethanien and Sonambiente Berlin, Künstlerhaus Vienna and Kunsthaus Graz, Press to Exit Skopje, P74, MGLC Ljubljana and UGM Maribor.
They worked on/for stage/theater with Ivica Buljan, Robert Waltl, Sanja Neskovic, Niko Gorsic, Jurij Soucek, Maayan Danoch aka DANCE COMPANY and with betonLTD. Works were presented at the theater festivals in Havana, Seoul, Zadar, München, Maribor and the places/spaces around the world.
In 2009 son:DA became a FOUNDATION SONDA, foundation for theory and practice of audio-visual art.
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Participating artists in the upcoming exhibition „Connecting Sound Etc.“ curated by Georg Weckwerth.


start.  whole january 2014 was a great and fruitful time to spend, be and use the artistic residency in vienna's museums quartier. after quite a while son:DA spent some time in vienna, time for seeing and understanding the city for a new angle and time to start preparing concepts and ideas for the exhibition for summer of sound that is going to take place in the freiraum-mq with the opening in the beginning of june 2014.  residency spaces are great, communication with staff and other residency artist well thought of, hole environment is very creative and perfect for the situation in which son:DA found itself aka in the situation which will have its ending with june's exhibition opening.  of course one month comes quickly around, but yes, thanks to hole the crew again and all best for future projects and residencies.  see you soon in vienna.  lg son:DA  stop.


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