• Sillyconductor

    Sillyconductor/Rochite Sillyconductor is turning emotion into mechanics. Rochite is turning mechanics into emotion. It’s purely about the destination of sound. Concerts as Rochite or Sillyconductor for Rokolectiv Festival (Romania), TodaysArt Festival (Holland), The Hobby Horse (UK), Club Transmed...

    Nationalität: Rumänien
    Wohnort: Bukarest
    Bereich Sound Art
    Empfehlende Institution: tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
    Zeitraum: Nov 17

  • Željka Blakšić aka Gita Blak

    Željka Blakšić aka Gita Blak is an interdisciplinary artist born in Zagreb (Croatia) currently based in New York City. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where she received her BFA and MFA in 2007; she also received her MFA with Distinction from the School of Visual Arts in New Yor...

    Nationalität: Kroatien
    Wohnort: Zagreb, New York (USA)
    Bereich Medienkunst, Bildende Kunst
    Empfehlende Institution: BMEIA
    Zeitraum: Nov 17 - Dec 17

  • Laura Lotti

    February 2017 - present Economic Space Designer, The Economic Space Agency, Oakland – research and development, economic space design, communication.August 2017 The Inter-Species Token Game: An Econautic Proposition. Game-based collaborative artwork and workshop series (with Erik Bordeleau and Sky...

    Nationalität: Italien
    Wohnort: Marrickville (AUS)
    Bereich Theorie, Design
    Empfehlende Institution: RIAT - Research Institute for Arts & Technology
    Zeitraum: Nov 17

  • Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein

    FEATURE FILMS written / directed / produced Blood of the Tribades (2016) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4813254/ Magnetic (2015) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3194622 TEN (2014) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2496400  produced Bring Us Your Women (2015) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3638542/&nbsp...

    Nationalität: USA
    Wohnort: Los Angeles
    Bereich Film, Video, Sound Art
    Empfehlende Institution: monochrom
    Zeitraum: Nov 17

  • Robert Perišić

    Since 1995 poetry debut (Castle America), R.Perisic published 7 books. Two collections of short stories (1999, 2002) gave him initial reputation and first translations (Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic). His novel 'Our man in Iraq' (2007; org: Naš čovjek na terenu) won „Jutarnji list“...

    Nationalität: Kroatien
    Wohnort: Zagreb
    Bereich Literatur
    Empfehlende Institution: BMEIA
    Zeitraum: Nov 17

  • Bill Seaman

    Seaman's work often explores an expanded media-oriented poetics through various technological means— Recombinant Poetics. Such works often explore the combination and recombination of media elements and processes in interactive and generative works of art. Seaman enfolds image/music/text relations...

    Nationalität: USA
    Wohnort: Durham (NC)
    Bereich Medienkunst
    Empfehlende Institution: SCHAURAUM Angewandte
    Zeitraum: Nov 17

  • Chris Sims

    Chris Sims is an experienced game creator with proven skill in designing characters, dialog, adventures and quests, stories, and worlds. That skill extends to developing and promoting intellectual property, as well as mechanical development, technical editing, and copy editing. With acclaim from sup...

    Nationalität: USA
    Wohnort: Renton (WA)
    Bereich Game Design, Writing
    Empfehlende Institution: eSeL REZEPTION
    Zeitraum: Nov 17

  • Megan Francis Sullivan

    Publisher of S*I*G (sig-verlag.net)Recent solo exhibitions include: Privileged Information, Mathew Gallery, New York (2017); The Unanswered Question, Kunsthalle Bern (2016); An Anticipated Retrospective, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp (2015); Click Click, Space Space, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneap...

    Nationalität: USA
    Wohnort: Berlin (GER)
    Bereich Bildende Kunst
    Empfehlende Institution: Springerin
    Zeitraum: Oct 17 - Nov 17

  • Karen Werner

    SCHOLARLY AND CREATIVE INTERESTS: Audio and digital storytelling; critical storytelling in radiophonic space; hybrid documentary-ethnography-narrative forms; story as methodology and epistemology; indigenous methodologies; arts-based research; art activism; community and solidarity economies. EDUCAT...

    Nationalität: USA
    Wohnort: Montague (MA)
    Bereich Sound Art
    Empfehlende Institution: TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
    Zeitraum: Nov 17


Alle Stipendiat_innen

Künstler_innen Bereich Nationalität Aufenthalt Empfehlung
Luljeta Lleshanaku Literatur Albanien Feb 17 BMEIA
Rachel-Rose O'Leary Digitale Kunst, Theorie Irland Feb 17 RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology
Fani Zguro Medienkunst, Digitale Kunst Albanien Jan 17 - Feb 17 BMEIA
Tanja Stupar-Trifunović Literatur Bosnien und Herzegowina Jan 17 BMEIA
Kadija de Paula & Chico Togni Bildende Kunst Brasilien, Kanada Jan 17 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Ruben van de Ven Digitale Kunst Niederlande Jan 17 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Camilla Rocha Campos Multimedia Brasilien Jan 17 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Micah Hesse Animation, Video USA Jan 17 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Bego M Santiago Bildende Kunst Spanien Dec 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Bernadette Wolbring Fotografie Deutschland Dec 16 - Jan 17 EIKON
Maize Wallin Performance Tech Art Australien Dec 16 - Jan 17 Broken Rules
Siniša Ilić Bildende Kunst Serbien Dec 16 BMEIA
Edin Konjhodžič Literatur Bosnien und Herzegowina Dec 16 BMEIA
Brud (1970 - 2038) Kino, Theater Dec 16 RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology
Nina Prader Medienkunst: Print USA Dec 16 RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology
Shiho Fukuhara & Georg Tremmel Artistic Research Japan Dec 16 RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology
Víctor Mazón Gardoqui Medienkunst Spanien Nov 16 RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology
Daniel Lie Installation, Performance Brasilien Nov 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Florian Mehnert Postmediale Konzeptkunst Deutschland Nov 16 eSeL Rezeption
Khaled Ramadan Film, Theorie Libanon Nov 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Dan Wilcox & Anika Hirt Medienkunst USA / Deutschland Nov 16 - Dec 16 monochrom
Oto Hudec Multimedia Kunst Slowakei Nov 16 tranzit.org/ ERSTE Stiftung
Senka Maric Literatur Bosnien und Herzegowina Nov 16 BMEIA
Nada Prlja Bildende Kunst, Medienkunst Mazedonien Nov 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Sezgin Boynik Theorie Kosovo Oct 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space