• Polygon Creative Empire

    Polygon Creative Empire provides both small, large and multinational investors with a sophisticated operational environment. Sissi Quartier provides the advanced infrastructural services necessary for industrial, cultural and recreational activities run in an effective and efficient manner. Spanning...

    Nationalität: Ungarn
    Wohnort: Budapest
    Bereich Medienkunst, Theorie
    Empfehlende Institution: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Zeitraum: Aug 17 - Sep 17

  • Ana Bilankov

    Multimedia artist, born in Zagreb, lives and works in Berlin and Zagreb. Her conceptual and contextual practice in the media photography, video/experimental film and installation examines themes of poetics/politics of dislocation, migration, nomadism, no-places and construction of identity withi...

    Nationalität: Kroatien
    Wohnort: Zagreb, Berlin (GER)
    Bereich Bildende Kunst, Medienkunst
    Empfehlende Institution: BMEIA
    Zeitraum: Sep 17 - Oct 17

  • Cristina David

    I started my artistic training at the Art Academy in Bucharest and completed my MDA at the Art Academy in Bergen. Between 1998 and 2000 I studied at the Faculty of Mathematic from Bucharest, but unfortunately I forgot most of the things I learned in that period.In my career I had a short period of s...

    Nationalität: Rumänien
    Wohnort: Bukarest
    Bereich Medienkunst, Performance
    Empfehlende Institution: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Zeitraum: Aug 17 - Sep 17

  • Max Hampshire

    Max Hampshire (UK) is a researcher and artist living and working in Amsterdam. His research involves unraveling the emergent, alien politics of cryptographically-enabled platforms, as well as the poietic nature of autonomous technologies. He is one of three project initiators of terra0, an ongoing a...

    Nationalität: Großbritannien
    Wohnort: Amsterdam (NDL)
    Bereich Theorie, Medienkunst
    Empfehlende Institution: RIAT ? Research Institute for Arts & Technology
    Zeitraum: Sep 17

  • Lui Iarocheski

    27 years old, raised in southern Brazil, born to build a legacy and positive social impact that flourishes from my passion, creativity, dedication and above all my determination to excel at everything I do. For the past 2 years, I have been developing my own label IAROCHESKI - a label that features ...

    Nationalität: Brasilien
    Wohnort: Florianopolis
    Bereich Modedesign
    Empfehlende Institution: Combinat
    Zeitraum: Sep 17

  • Adela Jušić

    Born October 20th 1982 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Co-founder and working at Association for Culture and Art CRVENA on different cultural and feminist projects. Lives and works in Sarajevo.Education: 1997-2001 High school of Applied Arts, Sarajevo2001-2007 Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo, MA201...

    Nationalität: Bosnien Herzegowina
    Wohnort: Sarajevo
    Bereich Multimedia
    Empfehlende Institution: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Zeitraum: Sep 17

  • Sanja Lovrenčić

    Sanja Lovrenčić, born in 1961, graduated in history of art, lives in Zagreb and works as a free-lance writer and translator. Her published titles include collections of poems, novels and books of short stories. For the novel "Searching for Ivana" she got the renowned Croatian Gjalski Pri...

    Nationalität: Kroatien
    Wohnort: Zagreb
    Bereich Literatur, Übersetzung
    Empfehlende Institution: BMEIA
    Zeitraum: Sep 17 - Oct 17

  • Frida Robles

    Frida Robles is an essayist-artist; she observes the traces that people leave in public spaces and then diffracts them back into the same space. She does this through text, performance, images and moving pictures. For example: in order to learn more about love, Frida went into a public square in Mex...

    Nationalität: Mexiko
    Wohnort: Mexico City
    Bereich Bildende Kunst
    Empfehlende Institution: paraflows
    Zeitraum: Aug 17 - Sep 17

  • Andi Schmied

    My work explores the underlying psychological patterns of urban landscapes through image-based installations and site-specific documentation.I visit places that for one reason or other do not enter conventional urban logic - yet they are part of our cityscapes. These vary from urban areas that went ...

    Nationalität: Ungarn
    Wohnort: Budapest
    Bereich Medienkunst
    Empfehlende Institution: tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
    Zeitraum: Sep 17


Alle Stipendiat_innen

Künstler_innen Bereich Nationalität Aufenthalt Empfehlung
diceindustries Bildende Kunst Deutschland Aug 05 Kabinett für Wort und Bild
Melih T. Görgün Darstellende Kunst Türkei Aug 05 - Sep 05 monochrom
Alvin Curran Klangkunst USA Aug 05 - Sep 05 TONSPUR
Stephen Phillips Architektur / Theorie USA Jun 05 - Jul 05 Kiesler Stiftung Wien
Elka Krajewska Medienkunst Polen Jun 05 - Jul 05 MKA Medienkunstarchiv
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Klangkunst Island Jun 05 - Jul 05 TONSPUR
Silvie Vondřejcová Bildende Kunst Tschechien Jun 05 - Jul 05 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Fernanda Farah E-Musik Brasilien Apr 05 - May 05 charhizma
Andrés Ramírez Gaviria Medienkunst Dominikanische Republik Apr 05 - May 05 Kunstverein Medienturm
Mira Gáberová Bildende Kunst Slowakei Apr 05 - May 05 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Kalle Laar Klangkunst Deutschland Apr 05 - May 05 TONSPUR
Noyau Bildende Kunst Schweiz Mar 05 Kabinett für Wort und Bild
Julie Haluzová Bildende Kunst Tschechien Mar 05 Erste Bank/tranzit
Anna Zaradny E-Musik Polen Feb 05 - Mar 05 institut5haus
Michal Czinege Bildende Kunst Slowakei Feb 05 Erste Bank/tranzit
Sylva Smejkalová Klangkunst Tschechien Jan 05 - Feb 05 TONSPUR
David Bovill Theorie Großbritannien Jan 05 - Mar 05 quintessenz
Jiři Skála Bildende Kunst Tschechien Nov 04 - Jan 05 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Karoe Goldt Video Deutschland Nov 04 - Dec 04 Kunstverein Medienturm
Stefan Neville E-Musik Neuseeland Nov 04 - Dec 04 institut5haus
Gor Chahal Bildende Kunst Armenien Oct 04 - Dec 04 MKA Medienkunstarchiv
Renata Poljak Bildende Kunst Kroatien Sep 04 - Oct 04 A9-forum transeuropa
Ireen Christin Zielonka Bildende Kunst / Theorie Deutschland Sep 04 - Oct 04 monochrom
Ulrich Eller Klangkunst Deutschland Aug 04 TONSPUR
Krzysztof Topolski E-Musik Polen Jul 04 - Aug 04 BMeiA