• Ondřej Buddeus

    Ondřej Buddeus is Czech author, translator from German and Norwegian, poet, artist, organizer and literary activist, editor and essayist. He works at the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, is editor in the Psí víno Journal for contemporary poetry (2011–2014 editor-in chief). Although based in the field ...

    Nationalität: Tschechien
    Wohnort: Prag
    Bereich Textkunst, Literatur, Intermedia
    Empfehlende Institution: tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
    Zeitraum: Jul 16

  • Elena Cologni

    Elena Cologni has a PhD in Fine Art (with psychology and philosophy) from University of the Arts, London Central Saint Martins College, 2004 (CSM). Her academic positions as artist include a Post-Doctorate Fellowship at CSM (Arts and Humanities Research Council UK 2004/06), a Research Fellowship at ...

    Nationalität: Italien, Großbritannien
    Wohnort: Cambridge (GBR)
    Bereich Bildende Kunst
    Empfehlende Institution: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Zeitraum: Jul 16

  • Jasna Dimitrijević

    Jasna Dimitrijević (1979, Negotin), studied General Literature and Theory of Literature. Literary critic and short fiction publishes in regional magazines and  collections (Poučak o nizovima, Booksa, Beton, Ulaznica, Zarez, Beležnica, Novi kaos, Arteist, Urbani vračevi, Literatura, Liceulic...

    Nationalität: Serbien
    Wohnort: Belgrad
    Bereich Literatur
    Empfehlende Institution: BMEIA
    Zeitraum: Jul 16

  • Jul Gordon

    Laufendes Projekt: Kontaktcenter, Assoziation für Comic-Lesungen und Publikationen: http://kontaktcenter.tumblr.com Veröffentlichungen (solo):Performance, stories, Oireau, Chicago 2016Le Parc, Na éditions, Marseille 2016Wohnung Nr. 10, Kontaktcenter 2016Hot dogs, Eigenpublikatio, 2015Performance ...

    Nationalität: Deutschland
    Wohnort: Lüneburg
    Bereich Comic, Zeichnen
    Empfehlende Institution: KABINETT comic passage
    Zeitraum: Jul 16

  • ATK! Isjtar & Ofer Smilansky

    ATK! [pronounce attack] is Ofer Smilansky and Isjtar smashing sound and burning shadows. ATK! creates live immersive experiences: performances that use light to mold buildings into textures and volumes, driven by electronic music.The work is site-specific, ATK! looks for architecture out of the ordi...

    Nationalität: Belgien
    Wohnort: Brüssel / Saint Gilles
    Bereich Medienkunst
    Empfehlende Institution: freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL
    Zeitraum: Jun 16 - Jul 16

  • Jelena Juresa

    Jelena Juresa (1974, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia) has been extensively working with the questions of identity, politics of memory and oblivion through the media of photography, video and text. The focus of her work is the relationship between the observer and the observed within the confines of the “imag...

    Nationalität: Serbien
    Wohnort: Novi Sad / Gent (BEL)
    Bereich Medienkunst
    Empfehlende Institution: BMEIA
    Zeitraum: Jul 16

  • Anthony Lister

    Born in 1979 Anthony Lister is already regularly described as“Australia’s best contemporary artist.” In 2001, Lister completed aBachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Queensland College of the Arts.He helped pioneer the stencil and street art movement in Brisbanebefore moving to New York in 2003 ...

    Nationalität: Australien
    Wohnort: Waterloo
    Bereich Malerei, Street Art
    Empfehlende Institution: STREET ART PASSAGE VIENNA
    Zeitraum: Jul 16

  • Şener Özmen

    Writer, translator, visual artist and art critic.He was born in 1971 in Hezex (İdil) town of Şirnex (Şırnak) Province. He graduated from the Department of Art Teaching, the Faculty of Education, the Çukurova University. Despite having started on drawing comics and writing poetry at a very early...

    Nationalität: Türkei
    Wohnort: Diyarbakır
    Bereich Bildende Kunst
    Empfehlende Institution: frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
    Zeitraum: Jul 16


Alle Stipendiat_innen

Künstler_innen Bereich Nationalität Aufenthalt Empfehlung
Katharina Schmitt Theater, Performance Deutschland Sep 16 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Marita Fraser Bildende Kunst, Artistic Research Australien Sep 16 ARTISTIC BOKEH / RIAT
Siniša Radulović Medienkunst, Digitale Kunst Montenegro Sep 16 BMEIA
Marta Popivoda Film, Medienkunst Serbien Aug 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Paul Plamper Klangkunst Deutschland Aug 16 TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien
Roman Štětina Installation, Video, Medienkunst, Sound Art Tschechien Aug 16 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Irma Markulin Bildende Kunst, Installation Kroatien, Deutschland Aug 16 BMEIA
Dorottya Kalocsai Medienkunst Ungarn Aug 16 - Sep 16 paraflows
Adisa Bašić Literatur Bosnien und Herzegowina Aug 16 - Sep 16 BMEIA
Ondřej Buddeus Textkunst, Literatur, Intermedia Tschechien Jul 16 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Elena Cologni Bildende Kunst Italien, Großbritannien Jul 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Jul Gordon Comic, Zeichnen Deutschland Jul 16 KABINETT comic passage
Jelena Juresa Medienkunst Serbien Jul 16 BMEIA
Anthony Lister Malerei, Street Art Australien Jul 16 STREET ART PASSAGE VIENNA
Jasna Dimitrijević Literatur Serbien Jul 16 BMEIA
Şener Özmen Bildende Kunst Türkei Jul 16 frei_raum Q21 exhibition space
Jan Soldat Medienkunst, Film Deutschland Jun 16 VIS Vienna Independent Shorts
Alban Muja Bildende Kunst, Film Kosovo Jun 16 BMEIA
Olga Dimitrijević Theorie, Research Serbien Jun 16 freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL
ATK! Isjtar & Ofer Smilansky Medienkunst Belgien Jun 16 - Jul 16 freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL
Mark Ther Medienkunst Tschechien Jun 16 tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung
Lindita Komani Literatur Albanien Jun 16 BMEIA
Alessandro Ludovico Medienkunst, Theorie Italien Jun 16 RIAT
Hannes Waldschütz Medienkunst Deutschland May 16 RIAT
Antonis Pittas Installation Griechenland May 16 freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL